Angel Olsen
Safe In The Womb Lyrics

I was safe when I was in the womb
I was warm when I was wrestling
To get out
Out of the flesh

And the sound of the world filled easily
And the eyes above watched eagerly
In the hopes of the nave(?)
In the hopes of a change
It was all bright, clear
It was all bright, clear

Deep in the nest of an endless dream
When a stranger thought becomes of me
It can slowly turn my blood
Just as the rings around our ever burning sun
Eventually wilt a once freshly blooming bud
It was all bright, clear
Oh, it was all bright, clear

Subtlely shedding back the years
And after it all we soon disappear
Yes, into the dark depths we all soon disappear
Out of this labyrinth that makes out/our, our world
How do we ever know the light inside ourselves?
To know that the skin that we wear is raw
That we can be anything if we know anything at all
Yes, we can be anything if we know anything at all

Bright, clear
And it was bright, clear

(bass humming)

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