Carrie Underwood
That November Lyrics

Blue and gold behind me in the bleachers
Go Comanches on makeshift cardboard signs
?We Will Rock You? blaring through the hometown speakers
As I flew from the pyramid
In the last game of my life

A string of taillights on a dark and dusty dirt road
Bon fire burning back a Tommy Collar’s farm
Jake’s leather jacket kept me from getting too cold
I was wrapped up in the moment
Wrapped up in his arms

I won’t forget
Seeing our breath
How warm it felt
Out in that freezing weather
The fire on his lips
Chills on my skin

Loving him turned to embers
I’ll forever remember
That November

Heater cranked in his daddy’s Silverado
Little detour up on Cedar Hollow Ridge
I drew our names inside a heart on a foggy window
My daddy would have killed us both
If he knew what we did


The fire on his lips
Chills on my skin
I’ll forever remember
That November

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