Childish Gambino
All Yall Lyrics

Now it’s the B to the izzo
You know what it is I’mma stunt on the d-low
Watch me get it in, spin in the seat, black as can be
Rolling it up, giving a fuck, like I’m a slut
Bino that’s my baby what he doin out at the club?
Fuck about your dress code, my dress code is I got a big bank roll
I think so, time to give these niggas something else
Island in the summer best believe that shit ain’t common wealth
Smile on her face best believe she wearing nothing else
Watch the sun set that’s a feeling that she never felt
We were born free, that’s my God given
How a god living? Fantastic, fans spazz when they see ya man passing
I’m in the Aston Martin, unforgivable blackness beg your pardon
All my Jack Johnson nigga, all my shows sell tix like Boston nigga
Put this on at the cook out, let me see you shmoney
Old school on the XM got your Auntie singing “Hola Hola Ayy”
Hit the dream too hard, I’m the new young god
This the new mixtape, but it’s still the same game
How you gon be the don, when don half my name?
How you gon be the goat, when we are not the same?
I be feeling all this money but motherfuck the fame
It’s the young Bino, I’m in your bae like Oakland
In my bed out of breath I never been this open
If you niggas can’t hear me it’s the weed I’m smoking
When I opened up the door I had the manager coughing like
“The hotels charging you a maintenance fee”
Gave that nigga 2 stacks and said I’m here all week
Let me roll OG, let me talk my shit
How you hotter than me? You ain’t got no hits
You just got a hot feature
Bare sole on the track so my feet hurt
Do some research, know my origin
I’m the new black, fuck oranges
Yeah, that’s that nigga that yall love to hate
Redbone like golden gate
Childish yall know the name, getting hate from Charlemagnes
Last year things done changed, I was thinking bout killing y’all
I was working all night long, white bitches like King Kong
Getting money my theme song, do what ever I want
Fuck your clique do what I want, fuck your bitch do what I want
Here’s some shit you niggas didn’t know
Probably wrote your nigga verse
Probably wrote your nigga video
High as fuck on Arsenio
Chosen, now they show my my respect nigga
Frozen, Disney movie round his neck nigga
I told ya, I’m the best right now
From Atlanta where them niggas in your chest like “blow”
Royalty equal sign black philosophers
Became a top 5 cause nobody else was stopping us
They want me Hopsin but I’m popping and getting confident
God forbid we give him props for the job he did man it’s not be some slobbering
I mean, fuck, do you want more?
I’m killing these niggas but still on tour
Fuck is y’all for?

This is for all of y’all
One day everyone’s falling off
So right now we should all ball out
Life’s too short to not all out
I don’t know what I really need
But I’d rather be smoking weed
I don’t know what I really need, yeah
But I’d rather be smoking weed

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