Childish Gambino
AssShots Lyrics

[Intro: DJ Drama (Childish Gambino)]
Is it too much to ask for lyrics?
(Alright, alright)
(Royalty has never done a track together)
I mean it’s 2014 man, c’mon really
(Well I thought we would get everybody on the same track)
You niggas could learn a lot by now
(I’ll go first)
Stone Mountain

[Verse 1: Childish Gambino]
Give a fuck about these haters man
I’m the flyest that there’s ever been
I’m always reppin’ Stone Mountain
You know my show is sold out
You know my smoke is so loud
It’s still about his business
Stay up out my business
Flow so vicious
When niggas talkin’ shit, shut they mouth, catch what this is
I walk up in the party, we took all the bitches
They love how I move, we might need a minute
God damn, Summer looking like son of Sam, I’m killin’ niggas
Hang with models and a couple strippers
She love my music so I nutted in her
Damn I’m decent, Liam Neeson
I’m takin’ over, you plain sober
Gassed up and you finished last
I’m crying nigga, that’s tear gas
Woooh, now I’m flexing
Was that fire? Bitch you guessed it (Oh shit!)

[Hook: Steve G Lover]
I bet you I can make that ass hot
C’mon bae, drop it like a ass shot
Say my sixteen will make that ass hot
Song done, drop it like a ass shot
Boy stuntin’ got they ass hot
Go on nigga, drop ’em like a ass shot
Jump on this beat and get they ass hot
Go on girl, drop it like a ass shot

[Verse 2: Steve]
I am, the prince, two cups, always
Our team, got money, stunt hard, so don’t hate
Fall off, no way, we run it, it’s too late
We smoke sour, call that flowers
I just blew, a bouquet
My girl, so sweet, like Crème brûlée
But still, she that hood, like red Kool-Aid
We on top, toupée, I got hits, like touché
I just did Rome in one day
I just flew out to Croat-ia
I’m independent man and still doin’ major
Young King so flashy got me lookin’ like lazers
Atlanta housewife I can make ya like Phaedra
So let’s play my, I’mma play ya
Get bands, then head to la playa
My niggas is bias
My brothers the owner, fuck with ’em get higher
G-lover spit fire, that flame is saliva
We’re riders that got Nick Cannon’s now
Make ’em drop you like Mariah, wassup


[Verse 3: Swank]
Start her off with gin and tonic, mine’s a double
Out in Vegas fool, you know I’m bettin’ double
Double your car note, double your mama rent
Ain’t shit but house money, I ain’t spent a cent
Mo’ money mo’ problems, yeah that’s official
I just throw cash at it, that’s my issue, it’s hard
So I feed my boo boo hard that moo moo bags
If she need mo’, then girl I miss you, bye
But ain’t no lookin’ back
Cause I know it’s a salt pile (you salty?)
I’m goin’ Chevy with metallic fuckin’ gun style
No door handle, she high tryna figure how
While my auto mobile looks like Girls Gone Wild
That’s top off, nigga drop offs
Slidin’ dirty with yo’ dame
OG sativa baby, watch ahead for that air plane
Fuck with my money, and I’m at your house like the mail came
You meet the Swank lion, beast mode, untamed


[Verse 4: Fam]
Big homie have you seen her
She got the Dobrev, all white nina
Packed like Serena, maybe Trina
Shit I don’t know, they both got ass
So of course he came to give you all these courses
And you can’t ignore ’em, cause these hoes adore ’em
Words hot, don’t slur ’em
I just speak up, so please ho, keep up
Please ho, keep up
Ok, ok, ok, she ain’t getting money, no way
I met her on a Monday, but I fucked her back to Sunday
I told her she my Brandy, I’m her one and only Wanya
Till she drove off the driveway in her ’97 Hyundai, bitch

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