Childish Gambino
Extraordinary Lyrics

I ain’t your ordinary nigga
Look around, this ain’t what ordinary gets ya

I ain’t your ordinary nigga
Look around, this ain’t what ordinary gets ya

Gam-B, the one like Neo
You didn’t see it coming
Reverse Miss Cleo
I’m C-P30
Or better yet Anakin
When it comes to lightsaber’s that I’m handlin
I used to be king of the whack look
Now I stay king of the mac book
Yes mac book,where you write your numbers down
Yeah boy, I got girls in and out of town
You got it wrong like saying OJ;IJ
Stop the rumors
Asian girls don’t got sideways
I gotta fuck every shade of latte
I gotta flow like my mouth to Kanye’s
These niggas think that I’m playing, I ain’t saying nothing
I’ll fuck your girl on the burner
I’m so top stuffing
You can’t stop nothing, I’m the juggernaut
That’s why your B’s sweet on me like I’m butterscotch
Yeah we run a lot
Boy the track runners here
I’m Elroy we jet sun out the atmosphere
Let me make it clear
I’m your inner fear
And I’m taking over,please don’t interfere

Uhhhh I’m the streets desire
Your getting too old man, please retire
Don’t make me carry you like I’m liar liar
Bring the heat like a monster, I’m Elmo’s fire
I’m too busy spittin shit with a socialite
I’m too busy sittin bitch with some model types
Yes sir my girl’s look like Rihanna twice
With some packed bags, yeah, they ain’t going home tonight
Get your camera phone, prove ya seen me
Or else you’ll be with friends like “Please believe me!”
I’m all that, I’m Kel and Kenan
Nigga, I come hard like I’m filled with semen
These rappers bore me
Gun talk with black clothes
Y’all let me know when y’all let 1998 go
Y’all niggas scared to grow
I’m never scared to go
Anywhere that’s new, I go outside, y’all niggas stay at home
But that’s alright dude
I’m a special guy
Y’all been wanting to rap since you were ankle high
And I’ve been wanting to rap since like what, 05?
Do the math man, how are you one of the best alive?
Gam-B, yes me, best out there
Trying to get universal like healthcare
So fresh, so clean, like a new pair
When you get to the top what you do there?

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