Childish Gambino
Fresh Lyrics

Go [x8]
Well wait a minute!
Go [x8]
Wait a minute!
Go [x4]
I’m so fresh~!
Go [x4]
Wait a minute! [echoes]

[Childish Gambino:]
Starter cap bro, gone with the hologram
I be the rich folk’s hoe like a Ottoman
I got weed in my hand like a homey can
A throwback like a bitch throw Radaman
I’m fire! All I need is the breaks though
I make noise in the streets like a brake toe
But that’s high, so I’m gettin my fade low
I make movies with my lover like J-Lo
I’m livin so shiny, ya boy on top
A life on trap, a nigga can’t stop
I’m Weird like Al, I’m Strange like Love
I wear hot pink cause it fit like glove
I’m easy on the eyes; I’m hard on a hater
My hoodie light saber, like Darth Vader
I’m always with a chick cause a nigga so sick
Need an “Entourage” quick so you can hug it out bitch

[Chorus: repeat with ad libs]
I’m so fresh! [oh yeah, oh oh]

[Childish Gambino:]
I’m so fresh like a “Sick Boi” oughta be
I’m not tryin that shit, just a part of me
I’m easy, like a Sunday morning
I go to rap battles and I end up yawning
I’m fresh like TexMex in Arizona
Got my gold on forever like my name Ramona
I can’t be a loser, the shit don’t suit me
A nigga Joe Cool and you niggaz just Snoopy!
You can go sue me, try to do outdo me
I look so fresh that I killed George Clooney
I guess you can call me “The Perfect Storm”
I’m the reason why your new baby brother was born
A nigga so tore call me Natalie
Cause I love makin music but they mad at me
I make money, blow shows like a syndicate
Out to be who I gotta be, that’s the end of it!


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