Childish Gambino
I’m So Focused Lyrics

[Intro : Childish Gambino]
It’s Childish Gambino, y’all know who it is, how it is and what it do
Mr. Jens Lekman on the track, ladies and gentlemen
For those of you wondering for whom the sample is
Alright. Let’s do this. Uh-huh

[Verse 1: Childish Gambino]
I’m the sickest Nigga ever, go and tell your ma!
And I got a little liquor like a St. Bernard!
Niggas hold onto Cliffs, like Phylicia Rashad!
Cause I’m always on the edge, but I don’t fall off!
I’s a boy in the hoodie and a hat to match!
And the shit bright orange like a pumpkin patch!
And they call me Guy Ritchie cause I work with snatch!
And I’m rich, and a guy. Whatch’all think of that?
And the cops stay on me cause I’m young and black!
And the boy stay crazy like a pound of crack!
And I’m all that jazz like my name was scat!
College dudes like me too love my name Borat!
And I like my girls thick like chocolate, fat like my wallet
I’m tellin’ y’all the truth, like a prophet
And if Gambino on the track, you should copy it
And all y’all Niggas totin’ guns need to stop it

I’m so focused. Yeah
I’m so focused. Yeah. (We don’t play around like that. Listen.)
We ain’t scared a you! Tell them other muthafucka we prepared for you! Ungh!
We ain’t scared a you! Tell them other mutha f- we prepared for you! Ungh!

[Verse 2: Truff Syrum]
Before you even know how long this song lasts
You’ll be reelin’ and feelin’ so flabbergasted
Like a fast pass that you can’t catch, I’ll leave you blasted
Lambasted, like I doused you in acid
I could be takin’ some comedy and I’m makin’ that tradic
Like I spin, cause I hocus, I focus, I’m flippin’ it back and now it’s magic
And the beat go from cool, like plan is to janet, to dammit!
Cuties cute in to inspect my go-go gadget
Why? Cause I spit in split time. It’s a sign of a double wear prada I’m reachin’
I’m teachin’ ’em for a while that you can’t deny I’m alive
So existential, my rhymes are quinessential
I’m an educated black and that’s a fact. I’m presidential
One riff, and I’m siftin’ through N-s lies
Got a gift to keep my eyes on the prize, you best move to the side
Cause I’m goin’ for the gold, I’m a stone solider
Gambino told you Jokers that I’m so, so, so foc- I’m so FO-cusssssssed


[Verse 3: Childish Gambino]
I’m all grown up, but I’m still Childish
It’s crazy to think that all them days is behind us
I remember when n-s tried to stop us
Now them same n-s on my dick and try for profit
This is what I asked for. It comes with the territory
This isn’t a cry for help, ain’t no pinnochio story
I’m in it just for the glory – I’m in this to win it, babe
Sorry that I came home late

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