Childish Gambino
Money Baby Lyrics

[Hook: ]
I like smokin’ loud, I like being me
I might drop them bars, that AT&T
I like makin’ moves, I like being King
If you like that ballin’, I show you what that ballin’ be

Money baby, money baby, money baby
Money baby, money baby, money baby
Money baby, money baby, money baby

[Verse 1:]
Fly girl, she named Beatle
Clothes off, she don’t need ’em
Animals, she don’t eat ’em
Hungry for it, I feed her, uh, I feed her
You already know that I feed her
I don’t mess with them fuck boys, she said I don’t either
She said I’m gone eat her, attitude so diva
Got a big place like Scarface, treat her ass like Elvira
Skin tone godiva, smokin’ on that cheeba
Girl you got me so hypnotized that thang be givin’ me fever
Let me get it
Take her to Kauai, threw up on the beach
Fucked on the floor, we ain’t gotta speak
Beach, getting high like a motherfuck
Royalty the team so you know what’s up
Kitty so good, let me beat it up, kitty so good I could sleep in it
Hollow tip flow sending shots to my enemies
Niggas who tried to Nick Cannon me
Thoughts were so bad that I pleaded insanity
Bottles, I pop me a case
Live on the radio bought me a place
This is my summer of love
Yea, these bitches is down
But never put nothin’ above


[Verse 2:]
Kick it like Kazuya
This game is how we maneuver
There’s plenty fish in the sea and I treat them groupies like grouper
My life inside a computer, back up, my soul to the cloud
Funny we show ’em class and they call me the class clown
Money is in my jeans, best believe that it’s passed down
Got the room thumpin, she tell me don’t stop
I mean really don’t stop
I must be doing something
Something really on point, something really on point
Now she look back at it
But she give me that look when I gotta dip out
Stop being Dramatic
Can’t nobody do it like this
Forgot her name as soon as I hit
Got that buzz, the phone was silent
Run the game, that’s us
Fort Knox, gold bars
Let us get it on both sides, I did it all, no cosign
And I’m ballin’ like I give a fuck
Now they know it’s us
Smokin’ like she wanna fuck
We are not in love, she’s a grownup
And I’m so childish
Still that’s my bitch
Waste our time with all this

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