Childish Gambino
My Hoodie Lyrics

[Verse 1: Childish Gambino]
My name’s Bambino, I’m always in trouble
I do stupid shit on a dare like double
Think your games tight, I’mma bust your bubble
I shop at Gucci and Barneys like rubble
Scope like Hubble, quick like chunnel
I leave MC’s in the dark like tunnel
Men do huddles, girlfriends cuddle
Eh heh, alright

[Hook: Childish Gambino]
My hoodie on glow
My hoodie on glow
My hoodie on glow
My hoodie on glow
My hoodie, my my my hoodie on glow
My hoodie, my my my hoodie on glow

[Verse 2: Childish Gambino]
My hoodie so dope, my hoodie so tight
My hoodie in school cause my hoodie so bright
Welcome, my nigga, to color, Crayola
Got the bright purple, like a grape soda
Nigga I told you, my hoodie no joker
Walk up in the hoodie to a party like toga
Breathe like yoga, get off my scrotum
The color of my hoodie like a Lisa Frank folder
Im at the Kid Robot, my wallet done shown up
They had five hoodies, but this shit done sold out
Spent too much, I know a bad habit
My hoodie look like a shit from a Trix rabbit


[Verse 3: Chaz Kangas]
Y’all know I’m a hoodie all pro
Find me in my hoodie like a hoodie Waldo
Rocking Amadeus like a hoodie falco
Staying self-absorbed like I’m Frida Kahlo
From the playground, with the sports team on it
To the old folks home, put some morphine on it
I rock my hoodie whether rain or shine
Over-priced in a Sam Goody frame of mind
Got a pouch in the front that holds my CDs
And warms my hands when it’s too breezy
Believe me, the quickest way to get hurt
Is if I catch you calling it a hooded sweatshirt

[Hook x2: Chaz Kangas and Childish Gambino]

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