Childish Gambino
My Name Bam-B Lyrics

[Verse 1: Childish Gambino]
People say I’m crazy, I’m loony, I’m psycho
I like it
I got my shit checked like Nike
Doctor said he’d never seen anything like me
Chances of recovery are nil to not likely
Boy so crazy make your baby mama look sane
Kicking thoughts around like he got a loose brain
I got a whiskey, sour, sober
Until I fall down like it’s mid October
Young young Hova
Boy I say, for goodness sake
I’m in my prime like I’m standing on my dinner plate
You niggas innerspace cause you come up Martin Short
I’m so fly I don’t need a right wing from Drudge ReportExplain

[Hook x2: Childish Gambino]
Ah! Stay wildin’ like me!
My name Bam-B!

[Verse 2: G.E.T.H.]
People say I’m angry
But if you’re happy, you’re crazy
I’m violent, so I’ve got a blue belt from Renzo Gracie
Read the news today, oh boy, some kids are dead
Pulled the covers over my head and went straight back to bed
Cause even my good days are generally bad
At my happiest, I’m just slightly less sad
And I get mad if you’re glad to be alive
Cause I had a chance at a happy life
Good mom, good dad
Seriously trust me, you wouldn’t wanna be me
The best days of my life involve leftovers and TV
I got almost no friends and I don’t know how to handle this
Even the friends I do got are all moving to Los Angeles
Even I’m tired of my whining
Even I don’t want no more of me
I whine more than a 3-year old multiplied by Morrisey
Every time I meet someone who wants to be my friend
The first thought that I have is, “Yo what the fuck is wrong with them?”
I go through life with my fists up
But trust me my fists are all
Full of handfuls of Wellbutrin and Risperdal
I’m depressed y’all
Someone please help me (Please help me)
Seriously (Seriously right now)

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Childish Gambino]
I’m good with the N
No not the Nina
Mean I’m good with the hammer so I’ll fix your broke heater
And not your bro Keeter
I don’t tote guns
I never had white so I never needed one
And the hood respect me, I rose from the ashes
They call me the phoenix in the clear rim glasses
They saw me work with all that work
Now I got my own enterprise, call me Kirk
And I’m born on an air force base, so I’m fly
Move out to Decatur, that’s Atlanta’s Bed-Stuy
I got that pink like pussy
Got that pussy day and night so they call me Kid Cudi

[Hook x2]

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