Childish Gambino
So Sick Wit It Lyrics

Girl show your wobble out
I’m not Queen Latifah but I set it off
I’m lookin like a tight rainbow, Cangos
Got my blue rules
Lookin’ like candy so I’m goodie two shoes
Call me Sproose Goose cause my clothes so fly
I’m not Howard Hughes, but I’m not a sane guy
I’m a Big Mac, you just a small fry
Tryin’ so hard to get that swagger like mine
I got them steps on my head I guess my mind wanders
Try to emulate my lifestyle like condoms
I’m fly on the mic, I’m fly as a DJ
I keep a thick chick on the wire like Wee Bey
He say she say that I’m so handsome
And play keep away from his girl like ransom
Sorry that your girls all heroes like Sylar
You know I’m from the south, I stay dirty like Tyler

So sick wit it that they call me Ebola

[Verse 2]
My boom box handy, blastin’ that stink
You can Marcus like Camby they call me the Tech
Cause nobody can touch me, I’m fire with a fade
I ain’t a lazy boy but I’m always gettin laid
I’m jack of all trades I can do no wrong
I make a huge fart and it sound like a song
I talk jibber jabber and it comes out words
I shit out diamonds, you flossin my turds
I don’t like ice…a little bit of gold and I’m nice
The Cool Kids understand my plight
I’m a simple Sam, I’m only sick wit it cause that’s who I am
I keep that shit slick like my name was Pam
And even if I didn’t
I’d be the flyest nigga drivin’ around in a Civic
And for those who didn’t get it you should play it back
I’m sick like a dog on crack, for realer


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