Childish Gambino
The Awesome) Lyrics

[Hook: MC Chris]
I am the awesome
You see me flossin’, watch me walk upon your face
Make that incision
I leave you itchin’ just to join my monster race
Say I’m just messin’
Yea well I’m pissed and I can keep an even key
You think you know me
But you can blow me cause you don’t know how I feel

[Verse 1: Childish Gambino]
It’s Childish Gambino, ho
What you know about that?
Niggas ‘fraid to go outside, they some house cats
Cause if they see me, they might have to act right
I’m livin’ life right, like I got a past life
Boy I got a flashlight
Check my fuckin’ hoodie skin
Like God was makin’ light and threw my hoodie in
Bambi, naw nigga that’s my pseudonym
Call me Elroy
Nigga we some hooligans
And just in case, I keep a million in the glove box
Blast this shit from in your car to make the hood rock
Ice cold, bright colors, like a juice pop
And if you try to touch my shit I’ll make your juice pop
Yes I get a two spot just for fuckin’ showin’ up
Boy it’s me, T.N.T., boy I’m blowin’ up
Nigga throw it up
Boy, I am the awesome
Call me Elroy
Or Mr. “Hey, how much it cost him?”

[Hook: MC Chris]

[Verse 2: MC Chris]
Rackin’ ’em, stackin’ ’em, packin’ these ballers
Readin’ these, beatin’ these hoes like Carver
Whittle like cardboard, steady like barbers
I’m back and forth from the front to the starboard
Back up Marlin, it’s only a suit
Like high torch cause he ain’t get the boot
Like fly gossip, birds in the zoo
Cause the underground sound I’m reiteratin through
Once I’m in the mad loop, what a real man do
With a cannibalistic crew, when they runnin on the loose
Can’t handle the truth, like a fart to a scoop
Put my hand on the mic and my mind on the loot
Crime to duke, ridin away
I’m a dick snub that you bothered to say
I get krunk then the car pull away
Now don’t get sick got the shit on spray, okay?

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