Childish Gambino
The Longest Text Message Lyrics

Who’s in love with you now?
I swear to God, I swear to God I am
Who’s in love with you now?
I swear to God, I swear to God I am
Nobody really wants you

[Verse 1]
First off let me say I’m drunk off of shitty wine
So I’ll probably use the B word a couple times
I used to love your fucking mouth you had enough of mine
But what’s reason for you never gave me any sign
When we were making out you kind of act like it was nothing
Like you were doing it to prove you could do it or something
You know I’m fine with getting fucked by girls who are my friends
You fucked me in a different way I guess it all depends
Texting on my day off, “Hey babe what’s going on?”
“Sorry I can’t make it out”, sad face emoticon
It’s funny how I see you with these bad boys you hanging on
I told ya I’m a soldier need a girl scout to tag-a-long
Face down ass up, that’s the way you left me
I thought there was a spark but we were missing Lisa Leslie
“You know it’s fucking childish to write a song to get me”
I’m always fucking childish you knew that when you met me


[Verse 2]
You ain’t that fine bitch what the fuck you heard?
I love these shitty ass chicks I guess I’ll never learn
I hate it when you think you really getting something good
And you don’t listen to your dudes when you really should
I got so many fucking girls I can’t even count ’em
There’s probably six or seven girls who think this song’s about them
Never kiss in public but at home I am affectionate
Fucking bitches left and right my dick is ambidextrous
I know you probably texting this lyric to friends
Saying “This nigga think he all that. He fucking sucked in bed”, well uhh?
I think we both know that I worked that ass
I hope your dude can keep it stretched, yoga class
I’m trying hard not to use a specific reference
But you’ll probably know that it’s you after the first sentence
So let me quit while I’m ahead like a penis
And I never was in love with you I hope you know I’m meaning it

[Hook – 2x]

Nobody really wants you
Nobody really wants you
Nobody really wants you, wants you, wants you

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