Childish Gambino
Till I Die Lyrics

[Childish Gambino:]
You should come join us, nigga we so fly
Highlighter colors, brand new sneaks
Sick Bois stick together in a pinch like cheeks
We the new lost boys – I’m Peter Pan
Cause I bring the bright green Tinkerbell in my hand
We can run “House Parties” – my name ain’t Play
But youse a Kid, you should be on your way
Cut this like barkers, hoodies like Parkers
Haters on my dick, take a bite like sharkers
I’m a stay weirdo, I’m a straight hero
Haters want me stop makin numbers like zero
I’m a get flyer, numbers get higher
You would stop movin, like a black tire
I’m not “The Wire” but I’m like Michael
Custom birdie green, they on dookie like fire

We the Sick Boi clique [x8]
Sick Boi ’til I die [x8]

[Childish Gambino:]
I’m sick like a hospital, whether you’re in pain or not
I’m crazy like a swastika, inside of a bagel shop
I’m the Juggernaut, bitch~! Unstoppable
Think of me as hurricanes cause rappers are incomparable
Most of y’all insufferable, soundin like a bored scratch
Rappers are like ants to me, I stab ’em in the thorax
Lyrically a metaphor, Atlanta’s only troubador
Face it, only seen by a few like a unicorn
I’m a try to get my swagger right, like I’m Dolemite
Spread it all around to the kids like it’s Vegemite
Get the proper etiquette, bitch you from Connecticut!
I’m a try to modify the subject like a predicate
I’m not the best rapper but I’m better than you
You with a big pickle like your name was Stu
I’m a Sick Boi, that’s just how we do
Even your name’s a game like you DJ Clue


Sick Boi ’til I die [x16]

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