Childish Gambino
U Don’t Have To Call Lyrics

Gambino: Yeah, where’d you guys go?

Girls: To where, In Atlanta?

Strip Club Queen: When I used to live here, I was the strip club queen

Fam: Wait, wait, so what’s up with Follies? Like lemme know

Strip Club Queen: Follies is my favorite strip club ever, in Atlanta

Gambino: Follies is the realest

Strip Club Queen: I swear to god-Follies is the realest, more-so because they have international bitches in there, you got bitches from Cambodia, you got bitches from fucking Italy, you got bitches from fucking Africa, you got bitches from…Kansas, you got bitches from everywhere in Follies

Situations will arise, in our lives
But you gotta be smart about it
Celebrations, with the guys
I sacrificed, cause you could not sleep without it
Girl I, cause I loved you
You were my girl
See I, thought the world of you
But so you know
You don’t have to call baby no
Cause imma be alright tonight
You don’t have to call baby no
Imma be alright tonight

My man
I waited, I waited, and waited
For the phone call
And then I served you what she was asking for
Nah, you ain’t gotta make that call now
Stone Mountain, yeah, you started running that thing after us

We are very rare
10% of a foster home trying to Cinderella this shit
This melanin pit they placed us in and said get out
No blueprint, hell’s cruiseship
Took him and her, who made him and her
Who made him and her who made her
Who ran away from the south at 14 pregnant
Who made her who came back to the south
Atlanta, Georgia who made me
Funny hairline, white name
Blonde dreads, African name, both of our parents
Original black hippies, so what?
Little 5 point to Avondale to Stone Crest
You out in Lithonia though
But fuck that, I’m a high class nigga
I catch you out at Lenox
Nah fuck that, I’m looking for hoes at Atlantic Station
Nah fuck that, I’m at South DeKalb Mall
Really in the parking lot, leaning on some broke niggas Camry
The pic you sent last night says you really with the shits
My leather passenger seat exhales
Wasn’t ready for all that
Cause it’s not me
I mean who is right?
Imma take you to Tongue & Groove
There’s $20 to wear my hat inside
I give em $100 and tell em to pay for it for the niggas behind me
They playing Jeezy like that shit came out yesterday
Thug motivation, I was never a thug and they used to respect me for it
But now the game’s fucked up and I gotta Michael Coreleone these niggas
Quiet, confident, I talked to her
She came with you, but she left with me
And now she’s in the passenger seat
So, where we going?
Just the way
Which leaves you standing there thinking
You don’t have to call, baby

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