Childish Gambino
UNtouchable Lyrics

Childish Gambino yeah my voice is annoying so I don’t talk I let the streets talk for me. Yeah these girls crazy half got children hate their ex boyfriends call ’em Scott Pilgrim. I’m fuckin’ girls I really shouldn’t be fuckin’ with but if we get caught we just hand it off to our publicists. Plus I hang with some of their ex boyfriends what can I say I make bad choices. Culdesac dropped day one five figures, fish fried nigga, fried mine bigga. Still unsigned fans saying what’s the hold out, when every show you’ve ever done been sold out. I always wondered what this Hollywood would do to me, who’s that rappin yo it’s Troy from Community fuck that man dude you lyin’ like a motha fuck besides the beats real good but the lyrics suck. Well I made the beats too yeah soak it in. I’m a fenom nigga, where the fuck you been. People say I should be more humble but I hope they understand they don’t listen when you mumble.

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