Chris Brown
Let Me Take You Down Lyrics

Verse 1:
Here we are all alone in this room (oh)
and girl i know where to start and what we gonna do (yeah)
i’ll take my time we’ll be all night girl
so get ready babe I got plans for me and you
it ain’t my first time but babygirl we can pretend,
hey lets bump and grind girl tonight we’ll never end

Let me take u down
I really wanna take u down

and show you what I’m about
Can I take you now
Your body body oohh
Your body body up and down
So don’t stop girl get it
quit playin wit it
Can’t wait no more
I wanna take u down
I really wanna take u down
take u down, yeah

Verse 2:
Pretty girl lets take it off in this room
no time to waste girl you know what we came to do

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