Craig David
Apartment 543 Lyrics

Girl when you call me on the phone
Said you’re all alone
I said that you could drive by my way
You said I was the only one
Felt the time had come, for us to keep it real
Oh yeah

Catch me in apartment 543 yeah
Dial my number if you wanna just talk to me
999 if in emergency
I’ll be everything you need
Satisfaction guaranteed

Simply you don’t have to go nowhere
Baby you can just stay right here
And you know any but a thing
There’s no need to fear, I’m promising my dear
Oh yeah


There’s many things I’ve said
And many things I’ve done
Felt the time had come for us to keep it real, oh yeah
And lately I aint gonna front, it ain’t my aim
That’s all I’ve got to say
All you gotta do baby


I think I’ll sing it again

(Chorus) x2

All you gotta do baby
Is catch me in apartment 543
Getting, getting through to me
All you gotta do lady
Is dial apartment 543
And you will get through to me
Apartment 543

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