Craig David
Let Me Know Lyrics

come on baby
oh girl
say the word
and i will
oh yeah

Now I’ve had my mind on this girl
The most beautifulest thing I’ve ever seen in the world
Those caramel eyes had me melt every time
And I think I got a crush on you cause damn you’re so fine
I don’t just want a little slap and tickle
I don’t expect to find myself caught up in the middle
Of a game of hide and seek
Seems like every time we meet I get the feeling you know
The words inside I’m trying to say


If you feel the same way, baby
You should let me know
So that we can take up time and just chill for real
Darling all you have to do is say the word
And you know that I will

If I had you for my girlfriend you’d be my queen
And there’s no way that no other girl could come in between of you and me
You can’t deny we’re wasting time
When you should be chilling with me, hey
Girl should I just keep this flow or just go away
Don’t leave me out in the cold, baby
There’s been to many mixed messages and I
Don’t know if I can mess with this
But I can resist and I don’t wanna let these feelings go


Girl, we’ve played this game for far too long
Something so right just can’t be wrong
It’s been hard to find the words to say
But this feeling’s just too strong

Excuse me, miss, where you from?
I smell the perfume of a beautiful woman
Addicted to like pokémon, but please don’t get me wrong
I got a crush on you, that’s what I’m saying with this song
You need TLC, take it from me
Even though you’re an independent lady
Career girl with your money, from what I can see
Healthy attitude with a warm personality
See you in cinemas, in different bars with your girlfriends
Eating Häagen Dazs, driving fast cars
But please don’t be fooled by those little men
Who be acting like gentlemen
Cause I’ve seen with my own eyes the situation that they’ve been in so
Hi, my name is “why blow”?
I think I’ll leave that one for those of you who already know
And if you’re interested is there somewhere that we can go
Access all areas after my show so let me know, come on


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