Craig David
Westwood Lyrics

Uh yeaa chek it out
Eh yo, its time to change ur routines
Backed wen i wus age 18 with a dream
Back wen i wus bringing sumthin fresh to the scene
Wen i was rockin im binaca bana vi sous jeans
Its like ive been in the cold
But now im fired up onn all ready to go
Got this game tied up on eva since i cme thru the door
Go way more women trouble tho then eva befo
Its like a 12 inch promo….. somthin that u might find…with an instrumental
Acapella jus fo u to sing along to
But its the beats that make you bounce in the club tho
Treats are, always ready to bring the new flava
K to afford the garage rava
12 tens amp along with speaka
With Dj cutin it with a crosvader
All up in that coustic guitar
Gota tell u i neva thought i wud makit this far
Have enuff money to buy maself a porche carerra
All of my peoples wanst enuff of ma giant posta
Ugh,,Its all I got to say, so thanks to my peeps who supporting me
Dance floors nation wide u feel me
Treats remix bubbling nice and easy
Cuz how i get down, how i get down….
Dis is how craig gets down x 5 u chose

Yoo, But she know dat
She’s so hot you can’t even hold dat
Her fire make ya burn on contact
Deep like dis track
Now a days she don’t need be hold back
Sneaks out to the mall, never crawls back
Is you wan’ be impress
Quality time you need to invest
Got nuff money your arm she na interest
‘Cos she dun’ been blessed
Back in da day when she na’ ‘ave all dis
Now she done, tell no one else can calm dis’ (reee-wind)
Hear me now

She’s, Hot (freaki freaki), sixteen bars
Hot like Biggie rappin’ one more chance over De Barge
She’s hot, so hot she’ll have me beggin’ for more
And even hotter when her Victoria Secrets drop to the floor (She’s hot)
Hot like Elle, hot like getting’ down with Giselle
What the hell? Hot like sex back at the hotel (she’s hot)
But brace yourself, before you start to play yourself
Because a (Coca Cola bottle shape ah it a run de place)

Big shout out to gigs, massive shout out to tim westwood (dj spoonie)
Ah, my dj spoonies in the tracks
Spit an acapella run it den send it back
If people hurd it david talking hard on dis track
Even tynchy strider said dat on the streets its a wrap

In 2008 straight makin moves
In 2009 aint got nothing to lose
Now u can buy my records any way u chose
But 2 fingers hit dem fools dat be breaking the rules
First fill me in getin my first million
No need to hold a nine no need fo knife carryin
Just hungry for the music wana ride the rythym
Now i can talk harder after 13 million
Haaa,, nothing like if ur talking the hardest
New from the street, same beat, different artist
Mans on road dey like grrrr heartless
Gigs dun killed it but ima merkk dis regardless
Walk in the party, girls brushing past me
Guys geting vexed that they still wana barley
Soo much …bottles of bacardii
Im geting leaving with somebody
Its like a weekend ritual
Trapsum in the club then get home get physical

Bring that back lets come wid dis
Re remixxx a’ lil sumtin like
U noe wa a a i can be ur bad boy like diddy
Or run up in da club sipin a bud like fidyy
My game so tight i dun need nobody wid me
Jus spit a group 16 bars at the mobles overrrr at milly
Be..straight fire u can feel the heat
Its like a shot of absinth make your knees go week
Its so much harder than the concrete under ur feet
The kind based a mans me straight tumpin the street
Ah, maids on the dee looo
Moved by the kilooo
Same sorta rush a shh knock u’ss n evils
But dis aint a illegal
My mike is my vehicle
But right now im getin to’to the club wid my people
Haa, yooo
Where shud i start
By me a glass of somthing cuz my throats feeling parched
Forget the vip dun need to feel like a star
Ehh blood i neva seen soo many beans in the dance
Shots lickin fast, champs in the glass, chicks grindin on me wile my **** getin hard
No need to ask
Bak to the yard
Straight to the brudas were da legs come apaaaaarrrt
Eyo its as simple as that
So if you in the club tonight
Theres no time to slack
N girls dun be frontin like u aint up for dat
Imagine u one of ___ while he be ___from da back
Tim westwood dj spoonie craig david all up in the building ah …
U noe jus tryna do a lil sumthin.

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