Erik Santos
Running Away Lyrics

You said that I will always be the one for you
Tell me babe who’s that guy you kissed last night
You know how much I really love you
Seems you just can’t keep your love from dying tonight

Running away from the places and things that make me think of you
But I guess there’s just no letting go
All these feelings I ache inside
Running away
I’ve been trying so hard to keep away from you
Now forgetting you is all I have to do
That’s why I’m running away from you

The times that we’ve been through
Are always on my mind
And I never thought that there would be an end
Oh how I wish that this was all a dream
Hurting me inside all over again

Repeat chorus

After all I gave to you
Your love is still untrue
Now there’s nothing I can do
But to run away


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