Jamie T Turns To Monsters (Kids With Guns Remix) Lyrics

Turning Us Into Monsters (Nananananananana!) (Kids Got Guns!)
Turning Us Into Fire (Nananananananana!) (They’re Firing Guns, Kids Got Guns!)
Turning Us Into Monsters (Nanananananananana!)
It’s all desire, it’s all desire (Nanananananananana!)

Well It’s fine y’know the son was young
And then he starts to grow up faster
Parents wondered what went wrong
And then he turned into a little monster

Run! (x7)

Calm down, don’t keep me now!

Well I didn’t expect much more
Son was a little Scalliwag-wag-wagger
Can’t see much more
Of a lesson, I’m guessin’ it all went straight away
Back to the point, give ‘im three Coca-Colas and run away
Write on the walls and down, a little old Scalliwagger, a Monster!

So Momma, please let us out on the town
We wanna drink, we wanna fight
We want it all night
We’re gonna smash up your neighbour’s car
If you don’t let us out that door!

It’s fine n’ dandy, I’ll just climb out the window
Leave Yo!
See ya later, I never liked you anyway
I swear I’m adopted
Stop it!

The son was young, then he turned into a Monster!

Hard Beat
Hard What?
Hard Work

Calm down, don’t keep me now…

I’m the oldest man in the family
I might be just a teenager
But my mind’s much sharper than anybody’s!
And dad’s just a drink-drink drunker!

And I’m back to the point o’ the matter
I’m still here, and I’m still walkin’ out!
See ya later, I’m gonna get a job cuz I’m leavin’ school cuz I can’t give a care about!

Heavy heart
Leavin’ me so low
See ya’ later
Mama gonna be a breadwinner!
Take your time
Watch your clock go up
Don’t worry Mama, cuz I’m a m-m-MONSTER!

Turning Us Into Monsters (These Days It’s Different) (Kids Aren’t Fighting With Knives Anymore)
Turning Us Into Fire (They’re fighting with guns! Kids got guns!)
Turning Us Into Monsters
It’s All Desire It’s All Desire

Turning Us Into Monsters
Turning Us Into Fire
Turning Us Into Monsters
It’s All Desire It’s All Desire

Drinking Out
Seconds Of
Where You Are
Doesn’t Make Sense To
But It Won’t Be Long

Cuz Kids With Guns
Kids With Guns
Easy Does It Easy Does It
They Got Something To Say Mental

Calm down, don’t keep me now…

Well I never liked you Mama
And I never liked your type of music
In fact I sold all your CDs outta the back of your car just to prove it!
And I spent the money… HAHA, seriously
On all that whiskey
At that time when I puked up on the doorstep
And you told me I was a Monster.

And now I’m back to tell you
That I will never hang the truth
I’ll be back around soon
Before you ever end me and I’m through

So a killer? That’s just me.
I’m the killer of a happy family
And that’s fine with you, is it?
Fine with me.
Fine, fuck off and die!!

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