Green Day
21st Century Breakdown (Extended Version) Lyrics

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard the starship Green Day for our first passenger century breakdown.

Ready for count-down: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – ignition – lift off

21st century breakdown
Way out there in space
21st century breakdown
Our new fav’rite place

21st century breakdown
We got the all clear
21st century breakdown
The moment is here

We are the class of the class of ’13
Born in the era of humility
We are the desperate in the decline
Raised by the bastards of 1969

My name is no one, the long lost son
Born on the 4th of July
Raised in the era of heroes and cons
That left me for dead or alive

I am a nation, a worker of pride
My debt to the status quo
The scars on my hands and a means to an end
Is all that I have to show (21st century breakdown)

I swallowed my pride and I choked on my faith
I’ve given my heart and my soul
I’ve broken my fingers and lied through my teeth
The pillar of damage control (21st century breakdown)

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve had a successful take-off on this first 21st century breakdown.
Our flying time will be eight hours. We’ll be travelling at a speed of 2183 miles per second.
That is, seven and one half million miles per hour.
The distance from Mother Earth to Venus is sixty million miles at this time.

I’ve been to the edge and I’ve thrown the bouquet
Of flowers left over the grave
I sat in the waiting room, wasting my time
And waiting for Judgement Day

I praise liberty
The “freedom to obey”
Is the song that strangles me
Oh, don’t cross the line

Oh dream, America dream
I can’t even sleep
From the light’s early dawn

Oh scream, America scream
Believe what you see
From heroes and cons

To your left you can see the mountains of the Moon.
And right in the center under a huge plastic bubble, Moon City, a boom-town if ever there was one because of the huge gold and diamond fields.

As for Venus, it took almost ninety years to cool down the planet from its five hundred degrees to the current pleasant seventy-five degrees and to transform the atmosphere to make it habitable for Earth-people.

21st century breakdown
Way out there in space
21st century breakdown
Our new fav’rite place

21st century breakdown
All systems are go
21st century breakdown
The sky is aglow

Captain – unidentified object at 8 o’clock – 2 million miles away.
Stand by for emergency manoeuvre.
Object coming closer at the speed of light – we have eight more seconds.
Object coming closer – we have five more seconds.
Change course by four point six degrees.
Order executed.

That was a close one, Ladies and Gentlemen.
A meteor just passed us on its way to infinity.
Well, you can see, even in space traffic is getting heavier all the time.

Ladies and Gentlemen, in a few minutes we are going to be landing on Venus, push the button on your left side, the safety mechanism will do the rest for you.
We hope you enjoyed the world’s first 21st century breakdown, have a good time there.

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