Gucci Mane
Get Low (Like A Lambo) Lyrics

(Intro: Selassie)
Ay! DJ Speedy (Speedy)
You a fool for this one (for this one)
Selassie, Ice (Ice)
We still, rock steady (rock steady)
Gucci Mane, where you at?

(Gucci Mane)
Yeah! I’m not your baby daddy
I’m your sugar daddy, too much money on me
I can buy you all drinks, everything is on me
You can smoke and eat free, I’m in the V-I-P
Baby come and see me, G-U double-C I
M-A-N-E, I’m (So Icey)
You done heard about me, but enough about me
Let’s talk about we, come lie on my sheets
I’ma lay in you deep, like a Lamborghini
Girl you represents me, and you must look cute
Cause you represent me, I’m the President Bill
You my Hilary, but you try an’ diss me
I’ma call on whiskey, need a black lady
Independent Oprah Winfrey, ask Oprah Winfrey
Has she heard about me? Spread the word about me
If you leave your plan A, I can be your plan B

(Chorus: Selassie)
Lambo, like a Lambo
Get low to the earth like a Lambo
Baby stick your hands up like a Lambo
Go slow, go fast like a Lambo
Oh she looks like a Lambo, like a Lambo
Baby body bangin’ harder than a Lambo
Baby put her hands up like a Lambo

She remind me of a Murcielago

(Gucci Mane)
Like a Lamborghini, shorty very pricey
She can be your wifey could say that shorty might be
But I think she like me, least I think she like G’s
All the G’s on her bag, how she couldn’t like me?
(Gucci) How she wouldn’t like me? Your man wanna bite me
But he shouldn’t, now you runnin’ like a Lamborghini
Shorty fine as a scene, Jet beauty this week
She as top notch as Jet, but she a stone cold freak
Ridin’ down to South Beach, ’bout 4 or 5 drinks
Jumped in a ‘Lago, doors up, you don’t say
Gucci Mane, Selassie, girl we extra ic-ey
Wanna owe it to Atlanta, pussy nigga don’t say
I’ma pay like I weigh, every day my payday
Every day our payday, we in the Lamborghini
I’ma pay like I weigh, every day my payday
Every day our payday, we in the Lamborghini

And she know she good, when she up in the hood
Because she got that good, that’s what they say in the hood
Yeah so you can ask Mr. Gucci, excuse me, Mr. Icey
Baby girl yeah say she wanna be your wifey
She dress real pricey, her head game nice B
Plus she says she got a girl who like me

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