Gucci Mane
Young Niggaz Lyrics

Twistin’ fingers in the club, I’m a young nigga
I got them young niggas that will hide your body parts
Pants saggin’, flag hangin’ I’m a young nigga

My pants saggin’ low like a young nigga
I’m twistin’ up the dro like a young nigga
I am in the club thirty deep like a young nigga
I’m still in the streets like a young nigga
Like a young nigga, this one for them young niggas
Where you from, this one for them young niggas
This one is for the young niggers
Where ya from nigga this ones for the young niggas

Ye most my niggas rob they ain’t gotta job
I got a couple young nigga that’ll take the charge
So I don’t bring a bodyguard I bring my entourage
Stop the track pause.. R.I.P. to Camouflage
I am about to pull my yellow rarri’ out the car garage
I got some young niggas that’ll hide your body parts

Twistin’ fingers in the club I’m a young nigga
Got them old niggas sayin’ I love that young nigga
Your whole click buyin’ shots y’all some broke niggas
Pants saggin’, flag hangin’ I’m a young nigga (Bricksquad monopoly)
In the car strapped up with them guns nigga
We shootin at the police just for fun nigga


Ray Charles vision screamin’ where’s the competition
Lot of rappers on the corner man they swag missing
I’m on that young nigga shit, shiesty ass niggas at my shows run from bricks
Gucci said im going hard Flocka on this shit
Old school swag got these hoes on my dick (??)
Pulled up on some onset yellow on black
I’m on my Wiz Khalifa shit, I dont do no papers
Fresh up on them papers, haters catch the vapours
Shoes alligator I’m talkin’ about Jordans
She ain’t got enough swag shawtay can’t afford ’em


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