Iggy Azalea
Hello feat. Joe Moses Lyrics

[Verse 1: Iggy Azalea]
Look, we gettin’ money
We spendin’ money
There’s June money and December money
There’s summer money and winter money
Clothes on top of clothes
I’m flier than a bird
And I’m shittin’ on you hoes
What you know? Bitch I’m on
And can’t nobody turn me off
And if I was a dick I would be hard
But you would make me soft, my god
He choosin’ like hello, hello
So pretty bitch, hair yellow, yellow
Blond, but please don’t think I’m dumb
I’m gettin’ to this bread
Where’s the Grey Poupon?
These dudes is on my jock
Every time I come
And you would think that I was trippin’
Shit, the way they throw the ones

[Hook x2]
I can make you go
I can make you move
I can make you do what the fuck I want you to do
I walk in they like
Hello, hello, hello

[Verse 2: Iggy Azalea]
Fuck you bitches
You ugly bitches
You stupid bitches
You dummy bitches
You dusty bitches
Don’t touch me bitches (whoa)
Whoa, whoa whoa
You’re not on my level
You’re not even close
And these are Ferragamo
Baby, what the fuck are those?
Since you sniff pussies and cry
Baby go and blow your nose
Bitch I’m on
And if I have to tell you one more time I’ll blow
Like a bomb, or a horn, or a bitch behind a bungalow at prom
What I’m on
I swear these bitches not
It’s pussy two times:
Twat, twat
Pussy two more times is exactly what he got
After I made it hot
And he spent up all his gwap
I’m talkin’ racks on top of racks
And stacks on top of that
He took me to them shops and I got bags on top of bags
You dress like orphan Annie
Get a kitchen, back them rags
You’re not lookin’ too good
And that’s too bad
So sad

[Hook x2]
I can make you go
I can make you move
I can make you do what the fuck I want you to do
I walk in they like
Hello, hello, hello

[Verse 3: Joe Moses]
My wrist yellow
My Benz black
Everybody know I did that
I live that
I am that
My watch blue
My bitch’s phat
That’s pretty, hot, and tempting, nigga
Earrings Bart Simpson, nigga
Fuck a duck, we fixin’ nigga
Milk carton, you missin’ nigga
I’m Brick Squad and I’m caso
I’m all out and I’m 5’4″
My squad is something I die for
Just point ’em out
And I ride on em
I dive on em
Who talkin’, boy?
Inside be bossin’ boy
I shits beats, you coughin’ boy
I ride tracks, you walkin’ boy
I does me, you do you
I fuck bitches, you Youtube
You watch me, I watch hoes
You pillow talkin’, I fuck stole
I’m JM, that’s gettin’ money
Fuck haters, them niggas funny
All out, we gettin’ money
All out, that’s good money

[Hook x2]

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