Iggy Azalea
Treasure Island Lyrics

Cutest hoes in my southern flow
Looks so good and I’m flying here
Soaring high like a eagle hoe
Baddest bitch in my hemisphere
Drugs the camp and I’ll let you know
Saved every song so you can hear
I’m the leader of my circle I’m the head of my peers, I’m the leader of the
Ladies lets get this clear
That’s how we rock
10 million sold when I drop
10 million flows, think she hot
10 million hoes in my drop
10 million pounds watch my clock
10 million years at the top
My time will start today nicki paved the way
Came to far to leave now I can’t stop uh

Get your styrofoam cups raise em high
Let em know it’s team iggy bitch till you die
Gets your tats, get your shirts let the world see who running this let em
Know you belong to me
La la lock ups make em lean I got vacants on my chain you you can’t mess
With my team I got vacants on my chain
I I I I live the dream I got vacants on my chain
Wa wa wa walk with the quee

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