Keith Urban
One Chord Song Lyrics

This is my one chord song
Its easy to sing along
‘Cause there aint much in the way it change
Sometimes life can be that way

Yea there aint too much i can do with a melody
‘Cause im stuck in the confines of the single key of G

This is my one chord song
I can’t go on too long
‘Cause I’ve said all I’ve got to say
And you probably won’t hear this anyway

Yea now here’s the same thing you’ve heard 8 bars before
‘Cause just like me i’m sure your bored with this chord

If I can make you stop and think About the life you’re living in
‘Cause you and I dont have long
So make the most before it’s gone

This is my one chord song
I can make it sound like it’s another chord
And you’d be fool because it’s only one

This is my one chord song
This is my one chord song

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