Kendrick Lamar
Don’t Understand Lyrics

His eyes bloodshot red
I watched him as he took a fifth of Henny to the head in memory of his brother
Reminiscing on them playing Sega with each other
He was hurting, I can see it, plenty tears, no Kleenex
I stood by his side because that was my homie
Gave him a hug, some of his brother’s blood got on me
Clinching his fist on some angry shit
Stood up, sat back down on the curb and asked me who they be hangin’ with
I wasn’t sure so I gave him no answer
But I was sure that he had him a blammer and wanted war
Revenge, what do you say to a good friend
That just lost it and grabbin’ choppers out of the closet
I tried my best to make him renig
But he was like, my nig this feeling is more than personal
I stood down
He hopped in a four door, Honda Accord before he
Bent the block, he said K Dot

“(You wouldn’t understand)
These streets can turn a kid to killer in minutes
Not by choice, but forced to be a menace
Can someone just pray for me, or war
(Or at least, try to understand) the city pressure
The AK-47, twin MAC-11s
The Desert Eagle, shotty and the Smith & Wessons
Pray for me, or war”

Corners become monuments for the dead
Candles on the pavement, postcard read
Rest in peace, the yellow tape blockin’ off the streets
A baby mama yellin at the police
But you don’t understand
You figure that we’re just a bunch of niggas but the picture here’s a story untold
Y’ see this wasn’t in our plans
Babies from the late 80s wasn’t born crazy, we was raised that way
Put that Malcom X book down then raise that K
Complete chaos when we off x pills and St. Ides
Look the devil in the face, from a sane eye
Cast the spell on you like Akeelah and the Bee
Every killer in the street is a teen with a corrupted, mind
Substance, time, is no longer an issue
We don’t have it, so pass the tissue
Then close the casket, kiss the momma when you can
And tell her you understand, but you don’t understand


He came back fifteen minutes later
He said, “Dot, I went on one, do me this favor
Dump these guns in a safe place, let nobody see you
This as critical as it gets, my nigga I need you”
I said alright, so what happened? “Seen a few niggas slippin
And I just started clappin, I didn’t care who I was hittin”
That’s wild shit, but anyway I got you
I love you nigga make sure you hit me up by tomorrow
I woke up the next mornin’ with a cold
Allergies got me sneezin and wipin’ my nose when it was leaking
Checked the medicine cabinet, lookin for some Dayquil
But all I seen was some Asprin, just my luck
I got up, went to Rite Aid
Hoping that the pharmacy department had the right aid – I bought it and left
Walked to the parking lot, when I see the faces of death
Said they was lookin for my man with a chopper in they hand
Prayin it would jam, but you don’t understand


Its like a revolving door that i’ve been a part of my whole life. fucked up right?

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