Keyshia Cole
U Complete Me Lyrics

Can u hear me up there?Have u ever had sumone who loved u?Never leave ur side.I kno u’ll be here becuz u love me.Yes u do.
Verse 1:
I’ll give u all my life and all my love if u promise that u’ll be here 4ever.I’ll give u all of me.I’ll give u everything if u promise that u’ll never leave me,
What my friends say dont matter. u’ve been right here from tha star.and I’ll get on my knees I’d give u all of me if u never leave my side…becuz
Chours:U love me (yeeahh)U complete me (alllright)U hold my heart in ur hand (yeeahh)And its okay (its okay)
’cause I trust that u’ll be tha best man that u can (baby u love me yeah,ooohh yes u do yeeah)
Verse 2:
And no matter what they ever say about gonna stay by ur sideAnd promise me no matter what they say about me that ur gonna be here till the end of time. ’cause u held me down when nobody was around and gave me all the love I give me more dont u ever leave cuz u complete me. I kno u love me
Cuz u love me.Give me ur heart (y dont u)Give me ur love (back baby)I want it all becuz its never enough
Ending: I kno u doYessu do I need u 2I love u baby yeah ooohh

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