Kid Cudi
Dangerous Lyrics

The hairs on your neck…stand up
Can you feel it?
Tell me can you feel it?

Kid Cudi
Yea, gettin’ busy, homie gettin’ busy x2
Now, gettin’ busy, homie gettin’ busy x2
Uh gettin’ busy, homie gettin’ busy x2
Now gettin’ busy, homie gettin’ busy

Double O representer
I come through a
I pull the sun into a whole nother dimension
Cudi be rippin’ when they mention
I never really gave a f*ck about the b*tchin’
I was about the livin’
Man niggas mad at me, must be actin feminine
I don’t five a f*ck niggas talkin’ about
Let’s get it in.
If you’re talkin’ reckless
I will snatch you for your neckless
You never play me on any givin’ Sunday
To your dismay, I rip apart what you say
And I don’t give a f*ck about that man
Your _____(?) is weak
Talk about that man.

Why you lookin’ at me huh?
Everything’s dark
Something feels wrong with me I’m…
Oh baby get out of here it’s..

Nigga, Kid Cudi boss hogga
Cleveland representer double O I spit farther
Aim farther.
I got my ignorant swag from my father

Try to ka pop, pop, pop your father
Niggas drop bombs on these bitches
D*ck suck, f*ggets thinkin’ they really tough
Until they get sucked under the rug
Like they’re in the ___(?)
Look what you know about Kid Cudi
Is no one that’s better uh,
I got my niggas in the back, we be sparkin’ sh*t, spart sh*t
Everyday we’re rich and ___(?)
I wish these niggas would start shit.
Salute boy’s scout honors


What you know about scott
Drop, drop ,drop it like it’s hott
Ma, yea and when I flip it with the melody
These niggas try to play with me
Like I’m not the really illy
Oh, oh, oh when was thick
Accappella no body smoother than this young nigga
Bring the beat back
Nigga I will rip it and I won’t miss a beat.
It once was written man like Nas said Jones
Tell me what you know about this shit up off the dome.
I don’t even need a pen or pad, nigga gone.
Catch me in any weather no one can do it better
I’m in the sun with the leather
Even when I’m hott, ima spit at these niggas could never stop me.
I be with it
Treadmill flows never goin’ no where

Everything’s dark

Never going no where

Something feels wrong with me I’m
Oh baby get out of here it’s

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