Kid Cudi
Freestyle Lyrics

I keep it cool, baby
Kid Cudi, riding the cuddy
As by the girls yeah they on screen love me
Double oh represent it til I’m finished
As by GOOD Music and the music
Do it all day for my people all day and we use it
Hey, put your hands up to the ceiling
Scream loud homeboy if you feel the feeling
Hey, and the girl looking at me
Don’t be mad but she can roll with me
In the Lexus, we gone go and do it in the next is
Generation x’s love first sexes ??
Hey, and get it pass, red shoes on my feet
Louis Vuitton you getting that pass
Talking wreckless, homeboy feeling it blank kiss my ass
We gone get that bag, oh true when we rock that, man
Came in the game leather on tight I’m, tight
And my ?? smooth like leather ayyy
My pimp game tight like my jeans
Come through my diamond piece chain shine like rain
And it glistenin’ uhh, keep rollin and yeah listen
I let roll to the intermission, get back on the mission
Something like Ethan Hunt Mission Impossible
Got people rollin through when we rocking though
Cant stop it though
Let the bass kick in, right back and I get in
And I smoke that kush that’d get me thinkin
Maybe very big and I’m eating
Hey, you know about that, rude like that
I’m rockin my pastel
I roll to London hit up it Dizzee Rascal
We popping bottles and models
Moving, full throttle, y’all know it, everyday I ain’t joking
Poker face, girl don’t wanna talk she wanna taste
Let her know it’s cool we won’t catch case
And you know it’s all good like that put your hands together
Smooth young brother from the double oh-oh-oh
From the double oh-oh-oh
Hey hey from the double oh-oh-oh
From the double oh hey hey
Freestyle off the dome
… that was easy

Yeah, where y’all at London?
Yeah extra good now
Step in, yeah you know how Kid Cudi do
Never really care about a hater homie what it do, yeah
Dim tha lights get it in pimp tight
Doing what I do I lace up my own Nikes
Grab my Bape you can’t even cop
If you go to Japan homebody I think not
I’m in first class I got a bad model girl with a fine ass
When gonna get it popping like pills, shroom to the caps
Roll through Indian fitted is on the yap, yeah
Talk wreckless to known boys getting money
Young boy back and rocking in the sunny
Yeah, I got my shades on in the night
Even in the day talk down you can get it right
Yeah, middle finger to the clouds
Kid Cudi holding it from here on down
Yeah, yeah my leather so soft
Imma skinny mother ahhh but I’ll still be a boss

Yeah, them haters get tossed
You can ask my security homeboy we are next to ya
Ugh, we throw bows on ya chin bone
Knock knock get a knuckle sandwich to ya nose
Hey, and ya girl so she can come home
Let her rome like cellular phone, hmmm
Yeah, I got Wi-Fi skeet, come up in the room get Wi-Fi heat
Talk down baby you don’t know about me
Imma freaky freaky deaky homeboy up in the sheets
R.I.P. baby girl pooo nahhh
She know how we roll through man I’m the man
Shook her hand please fall back man
Young Yohan young young Yoda
I’m smoking on that ***** that’ll **** get me on the level
Tapp dancing on the clouds
GOOD Music screaming loud
GOOD Muisc screaming loud, ughhh
…it’s easy we just warming up

I’m the hottest over here at good
Now we the hottest over here at good
Yeah you know me, they phony
Ugh, ugh bologna
Concoction roll back and I’m sipping on Ciroc
And you know me I roll with Jay like the Roc
You knowing how move the homeboys they on the block
We get em off the block to come and stack some knotts
And then we get good and we watch for cops
Cuz I’m trying to get money not trying to get knocked
So you know how I be if I go to jail
A mill a cash flow posting my bail
And then I come back like what the hell
Double E F, homeboy come through and I be like the best
And you can Twit that and you can holla back
Young boy is the number one even when I rap
Or even when I sing woahh woahhh
Even when I sing woahh woahhh
I switch it up whenever I feel
Young boy he get it poppin just like he’s so ill
I’m sick or something
Stop coming and give me a bate for something
Give me something to fix me up because I’m dum dumbing
Yeah yeah they ask bout me
Cleveland city to the west side
Even though I’m down UK holla at me
Any given Sunday praise that boy
Holla at me in the street oh my Lord
When he come through why he so cool
When he on the TV celebrity status
Rolling with the model girl celebrity baddest
I’m up in the game like oooh
Catch me on Perez, I be doing my own thing
Poppin them tags I’m tryna get on my dreams
Anybody trying to hate they can get it fosheez
My team we bury motherfuckers six deep, ughh
And I’m the Hottest over here at GOOD
And we the hottest over here at GOOD
And we the hottest over here at GOOD
Homeboy we good homeboy we good

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