Kid Ink
Intro Lyrics

Back up on my shit, put it in reverse
Said its Kid Ink baby, put em in a hearse
Button up my shirt, watch me go to work
Take a hit from the swisher then I hit em with rehearsed
Gettin paid everyday, 15th and the 1st
Gotta bitch so bad, man it couldn’t get worse
Big fish like Moby
Swisher never boney
Realest nigga here, yall just phony
All black shades, got me lookin color blind
All them niggas broke girl, you can pay them no nevermind
Since I came and took charge of the game I haven’t been declined
Bet it all, sweat it out

I’m all in
I’m all in
Bitch I’m all in
I’m all in

They say all work, no play
Bitch I have a house party everyday
Niggas couldn’t see me with the coast guard
Come and watch me make it look good, postcard
Yea, I’m stimulated off the reefer
Blowin up fast like I’m playin minesweeper
Killin competition got me feeling like the reaper
Ballin like a mothafucka nigga don’t you reach in
Cuz I, leave you at the foul line
Bitch its the Alumni
Grade A, certified
Heard of I?
Know its goin down like the birth rate
Tell em its a movement, bout to start a earthquake
Bitch I run the buildin
Run and duck for cover mothafucka
I’m just tryna get some like the drummer
It ain’t nothin don’t see nothin don’t need nothin but a a blunt
and I am good
Burnin up like firewood understood?

I’m all in
I’m all in
Bitch I’m all in
I’m all in

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