Lea Salonga
Alphabet Song Lyrics

(b. kaye/s. lippman/f. wise)

‘a’ – you’re adorable
‘b’ – you’re so beautiful
‘c’ – you’re so cute and full of charm
‘d’ – you’re a darling
‘e’ – you’re exciting
‘f’ – you’re a feather in my arms
‘g’ – you’re so good to me
‘h’ – you’re so heavenly
‘i’ – you’re the ‘i’ that idolize
‘j’ – we’re like jack and jill

‘k’ – you’re so kissable
‘l’ – you’re the lovelife in my eye
‘m’,’n’,’o’,’p’ I could go on all day
‘q’,’r’,’s’,’t’ alphabetically speaking, you’re okay
‘u’ – make my life complete
‘v’ – makes you very sweet

It’s fun to wander through the alphabet with you
To tell you what it means to me

(repeat all)

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