Mac Miller
All That Lyrics

[Bun B]
The people think it’s all about the fame
And the money and the status and the game
But it’s deeper than all that

[Mac Miller]
They just want the women and the cars
Getting high so they can chill with some stars
But it’s deeper than all that

[Bun B]
They thinking that it’s all about the shows
And the chains hanging down on your clothes
But it’s deeper than all that

[Mac Miller]
We’re here to change the world with this thing called rap
Homie, believe me, it’s all that

[Verse 1 – Bun B]
I got that money on my mind, the grind
And the ability, the knowledge and the know-how
Stamina and agility
Soon as I step in the facility these haters start
Testing my civility, I’m telling you
They killing me. Some of them feeling me
And some of them be grilling me but
I just blow my kush smoke up to the ceiling G
Yeah, and take a toke of the Swisher smoke
They got the paint and the brush, but not the picture, loc
What is an emcee if he can’t rap?
Just a monkey with a mic just waiting to get slapped
What is a DJ if he can’t scratch?
The one rotten apple that’s spoling the whole bag
What is a B-Boy if he can’t break?
Might as well do the Dougie or even the Harlem Shake
And what is a graffiti artist if he don’t tag?
No homophobia, but he’s a fag
Cause it’s deeper than all that …


[Verse 2 – Mac Miller]
One time for the world cause we do it for y’all
That logo light up in the sky when the studio call
Moving the crowd, get em loud without a gimmick
Spit with a golden ticket, I’m whipping it up in minutes
My feet up in this game
Rapping even made a divot
Don’t worry about the critics
If it’s happening now, forget it
For my heart is where I give it
Stay thinking about the future
When I’m rich, I’mma call my mom before I call the movers
These haters are just losers
Hate to see you winning
Gave my all from the beginning
I’m in it for extra innings
Here to change the world like a change clothes
Wouldn’t mind a little bankroll, pesos
But I”m right here for way more
What is somebody if they can’t love?
A hater.. someone give em a hug
We here to change the world with this thing called rap
And homie, believing is all that …


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