Mac Miller
Cold Feet Lyrics

I rap better cause I’m mad clever
Oh my God! Hey

[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
They always want that fun shit when you tryna spit a little somethin’ real
They start runnin’, turnin’ chicken like a nugget meal
How the fuck I feel? Kinda like a hundred mill
Spun the wheel, bought a vowel, I don’t owe you nothin’ still
Fuck a deal, I can do it with my own team
Won before Sheen, hear how all these hoes scream
When I was 14, sippin’ on my OE
Tryna marry money but that bitch kept gettin’ cold feet
Music loud, hear it bangin’ through the whole street
Beat gettin’ shit on, toilet bowl seat
No sleep, just work
Got a couple horny girls in a see-through shirt
So believe my hype, muthafuckas can’t read nor write
Still they talkin’ shit man, I’ve seen your type
Got problems, can’t sleep at night
Cause your girl want to come around freak all night
I’m a sex drill when I’m rollin’ off them x pills
Five bikes, ten wheels, girl I’ll leave your legs still
Say I don’t do drugs, just weed
Well I’mma do drugs and speed down the street
Do doughnuts, your flow sucks, you so butt
Your girl’s gettin’ throat fucked, I get high, I go up
Why you sayin’ that he’s a trend?
Then come to all those shows just to meet your friends?
So much coke sniffed, fuckin’ hoes with bloody noses
Just a couple doses, fuck the roses
Class time, better take good notes
You bitches couldn’t touch me with a Facebook poke

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