Mac Miller
Down The Rabbit Hole Lyrics

And it’s the best day ever…
So pack your motherfuckin’ bags, cause we gonna go
So pack your motherfuckin’ bags, cause we gonna go

Hey, I got a…
Cup of Henny,
Joint of good,
Not gettin’ any sleep, even though I should.
Catch a early flight,
Hit another city,
For a concert full the fans who be fucking with me.
Countin’ hundreds, fifties
Groupy hoes,
That all love to show me how they drop they booty low.
Two in ones,
Thats a Manaja twa,
Watch they bras come off, have me saying LA-DE-DA.
Rock and Roll,
Living life,
Gettin’ head,
Get it twice.
It feels like I’ve been drunk for the 11th night.
Don’t know how I’m gonna wake in time to catch this flight.
All these bitches in the front row try to dress alike.
They do a lot of barking, but they never bite.
They lookin’ at me like I’m gonna have some sex tonight.
And yes I might if it’s alright.

Cause I got what you need if you lookin’ for a trip,
Escape the world a lil bit, maybe go and get a grip,
This all can be a drug, just please don’t take too much,
You can have it free of charge, though I do it for the love (x2)

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