Mac Miller
Incompatible Lyrics

(So a lot of people out here
Tell me I don’t belong in this rap game
Whether it be um too young
Not your everyday rapper
It’s fucked up but)

They say I ain’t ready for the game
Well that’s a shame
If you hatin’ you can exit in your lane
They jealous cuz everybody mentionin’ my name
And all these other rappers
Every sentence mean the same
But I’m spittin’ with a diagnosed infection in my brain
It sound crazy with this educated slang
So go ahead keep your change
They say I don’t belong here
Try and cut me out the field like a John Deere
I’m incompatible
Prob’ly cuz I’m valuable
Lend me your ears with no collateral
If you don’t give a fuck about me
Everything’s cool
Cuz I dont give a fuck about you
Gon’ do what you do
Leave me to my music
Yeah this could be your life if you choose it
I’m just doin’ my part to write the history books
So why do all these other rappers keep givin’ me looks

It don’t matter though
(You know what im sayin’
Jerm just keep it goin’)
Cuz someone’s bound to hear my cry
(I’m just gonna do the second verse too)
Speak out if you do
You’re not easy to find

(Yo slegren lemme talk to ’em real quick)
It don’t matter though (Ready)

With all these expectations peakin’
They wonder what I’m bout to do
Sparked interest music I can count on you right?
Or do I have it all twisted?
I went from popular to mischief in an instant
My friends forgot about me
Cuz they prob’ly see me hardly
Always at a lab when I should be out at a party
It drives me crazy the money is the fuel
Insomniac awake findin’ somethin’ I can do
To put the workin’ in
I’m certain that I’m flirtin’ with the fame
For failure gettin’ jealous throwin’ dirt up on my name
It’s burnin’ up my brain but I’m workin’ through the pain
Cuz life’s hard til you learn it’s just a game
Play your cards, use your letters on your scrabble board
If you smart put your heart into your rappin’ more
No money? Why the fuck you countin’ for?
A thousand chores try to get up my allowance more

(But still they say)
It don’t matter no
(I just tell ’em Imma do me, ya know?)
Cuz someone’s bound to hear my cries
(Hater can hate)
Speak out if you do
(But Imma make music. Period)
You’re not easy to find

(The High Life)
It don’t matter no
Cuz someone’s bound to hear my cries
(Most dope)

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