Mac Miller
Just A Kid Lyrics

[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
I be goofy, kind of funny, actin’ stupid, but they love me
We don’t do it for the money, just some food up in my tummy
Feelin’ cool, livin’ great, in the mood, tryna’ to sway
Ice cubes in my drink, never doin’ what they say
They some losers full of hate, a nuisance gettin’ cake
What I’m doin’ everyday, probably ruin all your games
I got some brand new clothes fresh right out the package
The moon lookin’ like I can reach right up and grab it
So close to the sky I’m high
Was a youngin’ who would hope to be fly oh my
God, now I’m everywhere with my squad
When I spit a rhyme they applaud
And I say, thank you, thank you, you’re far too kind
You heard everybody’s music, but wait til you hear mine

They either hate or they on your side
Fuck it we ridin’, fuck it we ridin’
Playin’ games to ease your mind
Damn I’m high, damn I’m high
And I know that they never understand
Cause I’m just a kid, but they tell me I’m the man

[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
If you know me, you are hatin’, listen homie, I’ve been waitin’
For a golden opportunity to know that I’ma make it
Where I’m goin’ I could take it, went from flowin’ in the basement
To shows in all stages on the road to different places
Got they thumbs in the air, smile on they faces
Fans with grey hair and fans rockin’ braces
Fans who be buyin’ me drinks to get me wasted
Groupie hoes, thirsty as hell and wanna taste it
See this life even shocks me
I got some people on my nuts call em’ jockey
And I ain’t even gettin’ cocky
But if you hatin’ I’ma tell you this, watch me!
Bout to do somethin’ amazin’ bro
World changin’ my brain got a gang of flows
And this for those who always came to shows
And who were still by my side with no bank to blow

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