Mac Miller
Kickin Incredibly Dope Shit Lyrics

When you’re young, not much matters
When you find something that you care about,
Then that’s all you got,
When you go to sleep
At night you dreams of, music
When you wake up, this is the same thing.
It’s there on your face, You can’t escape it.
Sometime when you’re young,The only place to go is inside
Thats just it, Music, Is what I love,
Take that away from me and I really got nothing

This shit right here, feels like a million bucks
Jerm… make sure im commin through clear here
Most dope, what it is.
Ladies and gentlemen, you are now in tune, to kids

Uh, motha fucka i feel like the hardest working kid in america
Playing with the pro’s, i remember being amateur
But now im rocking shows, see the lights from the camera
See my people and their hands is up
Yeah the game my girl trying tease but dont plan to fuck
My older brother told me that im finaly manning up
I been a fuck up if you ask me
But im still praying that my teachers gonna pass me
Letters from my soul
Scriptures from the torah
Only give you what you like
Im a station on pandora
Rock a sag, my girl tell me pull my shorts up
Rock solid homie
Im build ford tough
Sip a lil lean
Smoke a lil weed
We just tryin keep it cool
So we blast the AC
So people hatin, we tell em its all gravy
Yeah you got your team, but im fighting with the navy
Battle to the top

We in it to win it we wont stop
No more going to stores,
We dont cop shit
Never gone another day with empty pockets
Houston? you there?
We balling like the rockets
And now these eye balls droppin out there sockets
High honor roll, but not thinking about a college
In love with these rythmes, on the cover of times
Man of the year, got my image stuck in ya mind

Hold up one second

Girl this my last L
Ima roll it up with you
Cop some brand new shoes
Put me in a good mood
Ima bring a couple homies, you can call a couple friends
Theres every type of alcohol, that you would recommend
Being young so fun, i dont ever want to age
Haven’t came down in the past 5 days
Just trying to tell it like it is
We the shit
You now dealing with some motha fuckin kids

Rostrum records in this bitch
Thank yall for tunin in
What up E
Let me do what i do
Most dope, thumbs up, pittsburgh
What up taylor gang
R.d, i.d labs, benji
Big jerm, everybody man
Lets do it, yeah
My time right now
KIDS, kicking some incredibly dope shit

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