Mac Miller
The Scoop On Heaven Lyrics

Explain [Verse 1: Mac Miller]
I heard they got nice cars up in heaven
Free liquor out the bar and the brightest fucking stars up in heaven
Heard that you can chill, not worry about the police
Not worry about someone fighting cause everything is in peace
Heard the streets paved with gold, and the women all gorgeous
You just float, can’t even feel where the floor is
I heard heaven got a brand new venue
Next to that restaurant, you love their menu
And everything free, so everyone cool
Look out any window, it’s an incredible view
Everyone you speak to always telling you the truth
And it’s only good shit when you gettin’ all your news
I Imagine that, just a place that we can kick it
And be happy at, satisfaction or maybe I’m dreamin
I’ll tell you what it’s like when I see it

Did you hear what heaven’s like? Can you tell me
Please, I’m really trying to know
Cuz I do what I do when it’s all said and done
Shit I’m just tryin to go
If you hear what heaven’s like, could you tell me
Please, I’m really tryin to know
Cuz I do what I do when it’s all said and done
Shit I’m just trying to go

[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
I heard ain’t nobody famous up in heaven, everybody the same
Just kick it up there in heaven cuz nobody going to change
Nobody can complain, the parties are all insane
The people all know your name, shit you entertain
See everybody you want, always keep in touch and
Go and chill by yourself when everything get too much
Never a fucking rush, so therefore a million plus
You prolly got a mercedes but always could take the bus
So fuck, thats what heaven’s like
I guess think it is
Come to think of it I’ve been drinkin shit
I don’t know the truth
It’s what I imagine when I was standin on the booth


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