Mary J. Blige
Grind Hard Lyrics

[Chorus: Mary J. Blige]
Now we grinding hard just like we wanna do
Grinding day and night so we can kick off our shoes
And live a glamorous life look what we made it to
We some real life bosses got ’em looking at you
We grind hard to play harder
We touch the stars that’s what they call us
We grind hard to buy the mall up
We grind hard to play harder (harder)

24/7 365
If we ain’t breaking them down
Then we letting them fly
Nah never I, always we
I came in the game dividing the pies by three
Then we got famish
So we set standards
Very similar to the ten crack commandments
Some couldn’t take it
Others got lost and couldn’t make it
He wanted to floss but couldn’t fake it
The hood embraced it
The rest is basics
No need to rush be extra patient
The new 4 door Porsche is extra spacious
Same entourage no extra faces
Hands down the best no explanations
And to the top is the next destination
There ain’t no time outs
Death is the only time we goin’ sign out
So we goin’ grind out


Top 5 dead or alive what they consider them
Soon as them things come in we get rid of em
Mo money mo problems gotta live with em
Only thing they care about is what you giving them
Not the energy that you wasted in the game
Or the tears that tripled down your face from the pain
The time the jaw cracked you wasted the cane
Had to do two shifts to make it the same
That all changed soon as you tasted the fame
And it was all worth it after you made you a name
Thanks to our heavily father
We fly on the jet now instead of the charter
Leave a nice tip in the front for the gardener
Do all of listening so we stay smarter
Everybody’s a hero when they get scarred up
Its my ball check it up y’all better guard up


When we step up out of our car the whole damn world is looking at us
Cause they knew us from before, now we ain’t hurting no more
You can bring me the bill I will sign my name
Now we’re flying private planes and such looking like a million bucks
You can’t tell me nothing!


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