Mary J. Blige
Leave a Message Lyrics

You better be home

Yo, whatsup, this is Mary,
I’m not home, leave a message, peace

Yo mary, it’s Puff, pick up the phone nigga
Hey yo Mary, it’s Puff, hey, yo Mary yo, you got studio
Tonight, 8 o’clock, Hit Factory, in the mall, you gotta um,
You gotta do this video shoot, get back to me…Yo I know
You there man, pick up!! Shit, get back to me man, beep me, peace

Mary, Maary, Mary, Mary, yo yo Mary, yo Mary,
Yo Mar-Mary, Mary, It’s me, me, me, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
Yeah, yeah, Kool Dj Red Alert, check this out, Mary, Mary,
Check this out, I wanna get with you later on, because I heard
That you got it goin on with the whack, yeah give me some vinyl
I heard about this album, you can’t be doin this, Mary, Mary,
We got to get together, c’mon, we gonna get around, you gonna have
Some drinks, gonna toss it up, ya know just tell me when ya want
Me comin over, ya know, then check it out, I don’t have no limo
But I got a skateboard, four wheel drive yo, we gonna get
Expensive alright, Mary, Mary, please Mary, you better let me sign
Up, ok? And the Puba’s here too, cya!

Yo Mary this is Christopher Williams, call me back
Cause I just heard your album and I’m real interested in you doing
A duet with me, Puffy got my number so get back with me alright?

Mary, Mary quite contrary, this is Jamie Brown from sister
To sister, girl I just heard the record, I loved it, I wanna see you,
I wanna meet you to see how you vibe, call me, ok?

Yo Mary Blige, whatsup? This is Eric Sermon, MC
Grand for ya, just wanna say whatsup. Good luck, cya.

Mary whatsup? This is Andre Harrel, CEO, Chairman, Founder
Uptown Records, I just wanted ta call ya letcha know that I
Heard ya album, you are outta outta here baby, peace, I’ll cya
Number one.

Yo Mary, this is Hev, where you at?
Trying to see whatsup for the evening, give me a call, peace.

Hey Mary, whatsup Mary? Whatsup Mary, this is Maceo, (you)
Said you were gonna take that trip to Pluto with me, whatsup?
Yo, give me a call later, peace

Hey yo Mary J., this is Clark Kent, I just
Heard that album, dag, can I get like ten copies? That’s for all
My crew, make sure they playin it, I’m gonna run you ta death,
You over baby, I’m gone.

Yo Mary whatsup, this is Kurt Juice, Yo, whatsup,
What’s happening? You’re late, c’mon, hurry up, hurry up, we
Gotta go get this money

Yo Mary whatsup? This is Little Shawn. When you get
In, give me a call, or better yet beep me. peace.

Yo whatsup Mary J., this is C.L. Smooth, I’m down
At the studio doing this remix, just come down there and lay down
Some vocals for me, aight baby? Call me when you get in, peace

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