Mary J. Blige
Ooh! (G-Unit remix) Lyrics

50 cent Mary J Blige
Baby let’s shine where we can shine
And ball where we can ball
Cherish our times together
We not promised tomorrow
Know the deferens between love and lust
Lusting for you love (?) feel your touch
baby im grown im not going through a phase
Let’s talk the touch can be brains in both ways
Now can you tell me what’s a king without a queen?
Im using metaphors
What’s me without you is what I mean

In the middle of the night you hold me tight
Said it’s alright I’m yours forever
I do what you want if you don’t hurt me
I’ll cook and clean I’ll make you happy

Ooh what you do to me
Ooh you’re my everything
Ooh I’m so glad I found you
Ooh I can’t live without you

Got a Jones in my bones and it’s all for you babe
Can’t leave you alone I’m so addicted
I can’t stectified it’s the sweetest thang
So who’s your girl you better say my name

It feels like I made it to heaven when im beside her
And we aint gotta keep no secrets cuz she’s a ridah
She’s got a hold on the kid that’s tighter than (?)
And I got a hidden note that’s higher then Mariah’s
Maybe im jumpin the gun and maybe im crazy
Maybe she’s moving to fast maybe im lazy
She’s kind of different you know
Her body shape make ya wanna take a trip in the snow (no)

My thug love got her the way I put it down
Got you calling on my phone when ya man not around
Shorty I know what you like
We don’t have to fight you ain’t gotta be trippin
You know im coming home tonight
Try to warn ya by the player cuz he aint wanna listen til
I got ya in the bedroom huggin and kissin’
I got what you missin put you in a position
Had you hollering and screaming talking bout how I did ya
Come on baby

ooh what you do to me (oohh oohh what you do to me baby baby baby babe)
ooh you’re my everything (your me every everything yeaheeehhh
ooh i’m so glad i found you (Im so glad I found you yeah)
ooh i can’t live without you

What you do to me it’s just a mystery (what you do to me) (yeah yeah)
It’s hard to believe that you are here with me (oohhoo)
Making all my dreams a sweet reality (making all my dreams sweet reality)
All my life I tried to find what’s best for me

Ooh what you do to me
Ooh you’re my everything
Ooh I’m so glad I found you
Ooh I can’t live without you

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