Mary J. Blige
Why Lyrics

I’ve been logging in my bed, crying til my eyes are red
We both said that things will change
But it’s still the same shade of gray
I get mad you walk away
When it all just start to fade
I know you’re fed up so am I
But we just can’t say goodbye
Boy, you know I love you
But I just can’t go on no more
Feelin’ this way

You got me sayin’ why, why, why?
Can’t we get it right?
Just can’t get it right
Don’t know why, why, why?
Can’t we get it right
No matter how hard we try

I got her looking at me sideways
Live every night like it’s a Friday
My conversations are so monumental
Licking on her ear, I’m whispering a couple riddles
She fell in love with my technique
I made her call me boss when in the bedsheets
We both coming from the same place
All in her both coming at the same place
Still on my dope boy swag
Top down on my Cam’ron, Oh boy swag
Played the hand we were dealt from the beginning, baby
You the dealer, cut the deck, while we winning baby


Can’t we turn love around
We build it up to break it down
If you knew the way I feel
You would know that this love is real
But live in heaven, go to hell then
Go right back, across the lesson
Tired of stressin’, get the message
I can’t live in this depression no more
Boy, you know I love you
But I just can’t go on feeling like this no more


Back on my own again
I don’t want this to end
But baby I need a friend to show me some more
And i think it should be you

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