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Who be the playa that be flowin so sweet, they don’t see the change of side
The type of killa that be rollin low key, wait and see what we have plotted
They know we bakin when my niggaz gon squeel, now they fear what we have started

Yeah..I got Massari wit me
Guess what
It’s Belly boy in this mother f**ker
And this right here, it’s death before the sign up

I’m comin to kill em and I’m gonna be the one pullin the trigger, never run, and them fakers better hide away
They thinkin bout it bout it, gotta get it done
They don’t know what I become when my niggaz run around wit me
Remember that time when i’m seen em in the club, thinkin they bangin with thugs, now they wanna put they guns away
And i’ma kill em, i’ma fill them with the slug
Comin and bringin the glock, and them haters gonna die today

That’s the mother f**kin heat
Massari comin wit it
Hey yo, I lick the first shit
So I might as well lick this shit too
Hey yo

I’ll take these fakers thinkin they f**kin with murders, we never even heard of ya, you weren’t really runnin with G’s
We type of killas choppin n’ burnin ya area, we thinkin to burry ya, fakers that you wanted to be
????? see my death before sound of haters comin at me, i’ma take em out before they wanna
they know we thuggin and everyday we be thinkin of em
now my nigga ??????????????
?????? think I wanna play, they can run away but now one day we gotta spray at ya
I’ll be the fakers that make em wanna stay ????? i ain’t playin wit ya

Peace, we ain’t playin wit you mother f**ker
*gun shots* That means I popped you, shot you, dropped you
Massari in this mother f**ker
Death before the sign up

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