Meek Mill
I’m Me Lyrics

Gold presidential for the gold diggin bitches
Bouncin on the banshee like I’m fuckin hittin switches
I pull up like what the business
Fuck you niggas feelings
Puffin dro an paper stacking money to the ceiling
I been balling for a year or two
I don’t think I’m goin back
Walk up in the club
And make them bitches have a ho attack
Or should I say a heart attacki go into cardiac
I’m gon let her ride but she ain’t fuckin then she walkin back
You niggas be talkin that
Same shit I’m livin though
Faded like I’m michael jordan
But I’m scottie pippen though
Different state
Different place
End up with a different ho
Niggas hating in the hood
I ain’t even trippin though
I be walkin through my city like a fuckin king
I’m in these streets
Just ask around I do my fuckin thing
Yeah I been eatin since they let me out the fuckin bin
Nobody told me this the shit that all this money bring
You know the team
It’s m.m.g
Rookie of the year
I’m mvp
It’s m.o.b
She asked me who I think I am I told her bitch I’m me
I tell her bitch I’m me
I tell her bitch I’m me
My niggas is balling
You niggas is hating
Cameras everywhere I go
A movie in the making
I tell her bitch I’m me
I get that work out my face
I put that shit on my man
I take her straight to o’malley he selling 30 a gram
I put them b’s on your team
And they gon murder your man
Black and white maro lookin like the hamburglar
Damn I got bars
Outer space I’m on mars
I forever do my thing
Pull strings, guitar
Before I had a deal I was a fuckin hood star
And I ain’t chewin cause my goon is ridin like a good car
I’m the topic of discussion
Waka bitch I’m bustin
Rollie face blue
Like I’m crippin on em cousin
Nigga you ain’t got it you just lookin like you stuntin
I was there, you called my man and you was lookin for an onion
We on the same road but it’s a different lane
And all you niggas tellin like it’s a different game
In the district, pointin pictures, givin names
They shoot at us, we kill em all and we get the blame

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