Meek Mill
Who What When Lyrics

You gonna do somethin’ to
Who (who), What (what), When (when).
Never that,
If they got a problem,
Tell em call me we can settle that.
Matter of fact,
You ain’t gotta them em,
I’ll tell em that (I’ll tell em).
And if these niggas sigh we gon slide down where they mother at.
Ak-47 with the double strap,
How your shit stay at the funeral,
Bring my rubber back.
Chicks are fuckin’ with the wrong one
Yea I gotta show,
Tell em but I got a long gun
Call the mac the chicken wing cause it got it’s own drum
I know these niggas sick of me
‘Cause I done had a long run
Countin’ all this money,
Fuckin’ all these hoes.
They was lookin’ at me funny
When I pulled up in that rose
Ya’ll good for talkim’ on Twitter (twitter)
We good for sparkin’ on niggas (sparkin’)
Broad day,
Walk up on a niggas head and homicide
You gonna put the chopper on a nigga

Hey, you gon do somethin to
Who, what, when.
You say you want it with
Who, what, when.
Them shots come in with
Who, what, when.
You were sayin that to
Who, what, then, fuck nigga
You’d better get that fuck shit off your mind.
‘Cause I’m a up that strap,
You crossed the line.
Cut these apples out you niggas startin spreadin the new.
When I choose shit on a corpse,
Hide head with the two

Where you can find me,
You can find me,
At the top of the list.
And if they ever let me in I ain’t stoppin for shit.
See that motivation make you say I’m cocky as shit.
Watever, fuck it tell em suck and help part of my dick.
Now a day, play, I coulda possibly get em, get paid.
Get out the Maybach and go hop in the jet
Know they hatin on the rise and the chilled I spin.
In the Phantom, I’m lookin fly in whatever I’m in
Mostly you big niggas soft like the Michelin man.
When you see other niggas standin with a pencil in hand
Carry me on stage rappin with my dick in my hand.
Tryna distiguish the difference between a bitch and a fan
Outa bed, rolled one homie, never again,
Cause I sold dough once now I sell it again
Fur weed 500, I sell it again
Tell the mice mane win let the elfs keep sayin


Hide head with the two

I’m ballin half around, half a jet, nigga pound for pound
Only time we showin up, the shut this motha fucker down
Ridin round in the Kia, no spare tires
Chopper round shots fired,
Nigga flatlines zip came to it and keep the powder savoral.
Drive bys on dirt bike with Meek Milli O.
Crow rock shells,
I bleach em and watch em fade away.
And leave a nigga block,
Wetter than a rainy day
West beat Beavis when you scared to leave the crib.
Guzzi and he inspired for some of the dolla mill.
I’m worth mills and I beat a niggas ass still
Ya’ll niggas get wasted I ain’t talkin spilled bills.
School a hunt knox I’m a hate a cheetah.
One ya a dick sucka get your head up with the nina
And YM still strapped snookin with the cleava.
Ya best bet: to run the other way when I see ya


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