Miley Cyrus
Am I Sleeping Lyrics

Am I sleepin or am I awake
What makes you think you can treat me this way
I have waited for you all of my life
Finally your here for me
You’ll see
Your not the person I thought you to be
Fankly I can’t see that wonderful person in my thoughts anymore
I can’t see the gleam in your eyes
That was once there before
Don’t try to be someone your not
I loved the person you used to be
Why did you have to change
Am I sleeping or am I awake
I can’t believe I spend all of these days just waiting for a person that no longer exsists

I will keep looking for the person that once was here
I sometimes see him deep inside of you
I sometimes see a little bit of that glisten in your eyes
But the voice thats coming through
It isnt the one I am used to hearing or the one I thought I knew
What happened to all those good times
At the movies and pinics in the park
The games that we used to play until our curfew at dark
I used to call you up on the phone and you’d be so happy to hear me
We used to go fishing in that big pond and watch football on that flat screen TV
I don’t know wether its a dream or wether is real but it does’t really seem to matter
Because the person I used to know.. is gone
So I’m just going to keep persisting
Until I find the real you..

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