Miley Cyrus
Handprint On My Heart Lyrics

I thought you…
Were the one for me
Every time I saw you it was like
Leaving a handprint on the beach
But instead you left a handprint
On my Heart

I was through the halls
Sometimes I know you see me fall
But you just look the other way
And boy, do I know what you say
You say it was my fault and I wasn’t good enough

But you left a handprint on my heart

It was like a work of art
But it made my world practically fall apart

My heart is like a puzzle
Or it used to be
It was put together except for one missing piece
And when I met you, you just seemed to fit
But when you left me you take more than your piece
You took the puzzle and the box too
I don’t think there will be another guy like you

I will put together my puzzle again
But as for that missing piece
I just need the pain to cease

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